Yorkshire Day

Celebrating all things Yorkshire on the 1st August

Ey up! It’s Yorkshire Day on’t 1st August so if you’re not doing owt, get t’pub. At Leeds Brewery we are proud to be Yorkshire and as we are located right in heart of the UK’s largest county, we think there is definitely a cause for celebration.

The place that brought us the Yorkshire pudding, Yorkshire tea, Wensleydale cheese, parkin, the Yorkshire Dales, M&S, Pulp, the Arctic Monkeys, Emmerdale and some incredible beers; there's plenty for us to be thankful for.

On Monday 1st August, the Leeds Brewery pubs are embracing the Yorkshire traditions with a quiz, lots of Yorkshire food and guest beers from some of the county's best breweries...including ours. We use the finest possible ingredients available to us in all of our brews, including malted barley sourced entirely from the UK and our unique Yorkshire yeast.

So what is it that makes us Yorkshire folk so different?

There are numerous stereotypes that are associated with people from Yorkshire, the most common is that we are tight with our money - in other words we are reluctant to spend it. “Ow much?!” This stereotype is seen in the motto using old Yorkshire dialect, which translates as: if you do anything for nothing, do it for yourself.

'Ear all, see all, say nowt;
Eyt all, sup all, pay nowt;
And if ivver tha does owt fer nowt;
Do it fer thissen.

If you doing one thing for yourself this Yorkshire Day, make sure it's getting yourself to a pub to raise a Yorkshire pint. We've got plenty to choose from.

Yorkshire Gold

Our Yorkshire Gold is a light hoppy bitter. It’s a golden fruity ale that uses the famous grapefruit hop Chinook which is what gives this beer great citrus flavour with a satisfying, long lasting finish. At just 4% ABV, it’s one of our low percent session beers so hopefully we can tempt you with a pint or two on Yorkshire Day.   

How are our pubs celebrating?

At the Eagle & Child they will be celebrating with a charity flat cap throwing event down at High Petergate. If you pay a donation you’ll get 3 tries to get a flat cap into a barrel and if you win you receive a Leeds Brewery prize. All the proceeds will go to their chosen charity. They will also be offering a large traditional pork pie, with Hellfire ale cheese and Midnight Bell chutney for their customers to enjoy.    

In the run up to Yorkshire Day, Lamb & Flag will have guest casks on the bar from breweries based in Yorkshire including Ridgeside, Great Yorkshire, Roosters and Great Heck. They are also celebrating all of the Yorkshire produce on their menu, from cuts of meat supplied by the Yorkshire Dales Meat Company to Shepherd’s Purse cheese on their cheeseboard.    

The Duke of York are holding a quiz throughout the day relating to all things Yorkshire. Anyone can take part and of course, there are beer prizes to be won. They will also have Yorkshire specials on the menu and guest beers on the bar from across the county.   

At the Midnight Bell there will be an all-day BBQ in the courtyard on Saturday 30th July, with meat supplied by the Yorkshire Dales Meat Company. Then on Yorkshire Day itself they are offering a ploughman’s lunch and a pint of Leeds Brewery for £12.

So whether you’re Yorkshire born and bred or you are just visiting, join us in celebrating God’s own county with a pint of true Yorkshire ale. LB