LAW Magazine

The Issue 7 launch of bi-annual magazine: LAW

Thursday 12th October was the Issue 7 launch of LAW magazine held in the world renowned independent bookshop and gallery Village located on the top floor of the Beautiful Corn Exchange in Leeds. LAW stands for ‘Lives And Works.’ Established in 2011, LAW is a London based bi-annual magazine that aims to document the beautiful undercurrent of Britain.

“We provide a window into an often overlooked and rarely documented world, because we feel that it is vital to describe and record the time we live in”

Joseph Prince, creative director at LAW magazine

Leodis were proud sponsors of the launch and were keen to support a local event. Everyone that attended was welcomed with a complimentary half pint of the lager while they admired the works of the magazine.

Leodis is a crisp, dry lager brewed slowly and traditionally with a complex and refreshing flavour and a subtle floral aftertaste. It is a lager that should be enjoyed with great conversation and bring together innovative small businesses, to help expose the ideas and opinions of great creative minds, and to create a platform for debates, questions and conversations to take place.

The launch had a great turn out, was a huge success and the magazine was very well received. Thank you to everyone that attended and showed their support. LB