Leeds Brewery At Home

Hire our beers for your own private event

If you're hosting a party or private event and looking for someone to supply your booze then fear not...we've got a range of casks, kegs and bottles for you to choose from.

All beers are available in 18, 36, 72 or 144 pint containers and usually work out at around £1.45 per pint. We require one week's notice for all orders. The beer lasts 3-5 days in boxes. There is an extra charge of £5 for bright beer and there is a £150 deposit for hand pulls.

18 and 36 Pint Boxes

The 18 and 36 pint containers are the equivalent of wine boxes. The beer is dispensed direct from the box and as a result does not have a thick, creamy head, however the taste remains the same.

72 and 144 Pint Containers

The 72 and 144 pint containers are stainless steel casks. They come supplied with a beer tap for dispense but do not come as standard with a hand pump.

Available beers


We are now able to offer lager dispense at home. Leodis comes in 11 gallon kegs (88 pints) and requires a compact dispense kit.

Charges are as follows:

11 gallon keg: £145 + VAT
Font depost: £200
Font hire charge: £50

Personalised Pump Clips

If you want the containers to be a bit more tailored to you then why not request one of our personalised pump clips for your birthday or wedding, all you have to do is send us your best photo and our design team will take care of the rest. There is a £25 charge per pump clip. Please ask for further details.



5.2% 12 x 330ml bottles £19.20

Yorkshire Gold

5.2% 12 x 330ml bottles £19.20

Leeds Best

5.2% 12 x 330ml bottles £19.20

Midnight Bell

5.2% 12 x 330ml bottles £19.20 


To order one of our containers or for more information about our services, please contact us at the brewery via email or give us a bell on 01132445866 LB