Food and Beer Pairings

Matching our beers with our menu

Here at Leeds Brewery, we believe that pairing beer and food can really enhance certain dishes and showcase the complexity of our versatile, session beers.

We have selected a handful of our staple beers, given you our pairing suggestions, and recommended a dish from our pub’s menus so you know what to order with your pint if you’re feeling a bit peckish.

Leeds Pale

Leeds Pale is a classic pale ale and is our best selling beer; it's light, hoppy with low bitterness and has a lovely floral finish. Pale ales are very versatile making them a suitable pairing for a wide variety of foods, so you can swig our Leeds Pale with just about anything!

Our recommendation:

It's got to be our all time classic dish Leeds Best battered haddock with pea puree and tartar sauce; available at all our pubs.

Other pairings:

Burgers, meat pies, chicken, fish and chips, salads, seafood, English cheese, citrus desserts.



Traditionally IPA’s are very hoppy, have a high bitterness and citrus notes, which means they make good pairings with both spicy dishes and salty foods. Our Monsoon IPA is no exception to these rules, infusing the hops with the flavours of Indian spices in curries such as tamarind, cardamom and coriander.

Our recommendation:

Why not try our Mexican spiced smoked chicken burger with roasted red peppers, tomato salsa and jalapeno mayo available at Crowd of Favours or The Brewery Tap.

Other pairings:

Indian dishes, spicy foods, mexican food, burgers, fried chicken, carrot cake.



The hops in Leodis delivers a noticeable but not overpowering hop content and has a dry, crisp, clean finish. It particularly complements a selection of cheeses because of its palate cleansing qualities. When it comes to puddings, something lemon based will bring out any citrus notes in the lager.   

Our recommendation:

Our Traditional Yorkshire ploughman’s with Midnight Bell ale chutney, pickled onions, pork pie and toasted focaccia makes a great summer lunch option at the Midnight Bell, Lamb & Flag or the Eagle & Child. 

Other pairings:

Salmon, lemon cheesecake, mild cheeses, chicken, seafood, hotdogs.


Gathering Storm

Infusing a combination of dark roasted malts and subtle hops gives this robust stout a rich finish, making it a great accompaniment to heavy, hearty meals.

Our recommendation:

Try our Steak and Midnight Bell ale pie topped with a puff pastry lid with seasonal vegetables at either Crowd of Favours or the Duke of York. 

Other pairings:

Smoked goose, duck, beef stew, dark chocolate mousse, digestive biscuits, brownies, tiramisu.


Summer Ale

Our July seasonal cask is the very appropriately named Summer Ale. Full of zingy, citrus flavours, this American blonde classic is the perfect pint to enjoy with a light summer lunch.

Our recommendation:

Our chargrilled chicken Caesar with baby gem lettuce, Caesar dressing, bacon lardons, crispy croutons and parmesan shavings will bring out a touch of sweetness in the ale to compliment the dressing. Available at the White Swan and the Duke of York.

Other pairings:

Cheeses such as Pepper Jack and our very own Hellfire Ale cheddar, spicy foods, spaghetti and meatballs, chicken Caesar salad. 

Remember there are no rules, these are only our suggestions. As long as you can find some tasty grub and a beer to wash it down with...anything goes! LB